Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chocolate-True or False

This guide is brought to you by BeautifulBasics, in order to help you confirm authenticity and avoid fake Christian Dior Gaucho handbags. Ebay offers some of the most gorgeous Dior clothing and accessories; including watches, handbags/bags/purses and wallets, shoes such as sandals, heels, boots and platforms in addition to clothing and so forth! This guide will help you quickly identify authentic Dior and avoid fake items. p.s.
INNER LEATHER TAG/LABEL finished around every edge with stitching top edge stitching should be a different color than stitching on the other three edges front: embossed with "Christian Dior", "PARIS" then space and "MADE IN ITALY" please note: the plain/grained Gaucho will have silver writing, instead of being embossed back: embossed with serial code, two numbers - two letters - four numbers (ex: 05-MA-0017) AUTHENTICITY TIP: If the tag is not finished with stitching on every edge - fake!
FACE R. COCHET COIN there is an indentation that goes down the side of the face upon the cheek the words "R. Cochet" should be tucked right above the suit jacket's collar edge the coin is very detailed; notice the wrinkles, ear, nose and so forth AUTHENTICITY TIP: No indentation down the side of the cheek - fake!

OUTER POCKET BUCKLE "CD" ENGRAVING the "CD" should be very close together and not have excessive space in between AUTHENTICITY TIP: If there is a large amount of space between the "CD" engraving - fake!

GAUCHO - DIOR AUTHENTICITY CARD Gaucho's come with a grey colored plastic "Authenticity Certificate Card" with black writing, never gold writing Dust bag: grey letters "Dior" comes with most Gaucho's or "Christian Dior PARIS" comes with older Gaucho's AUTHENTICITY TIP: Gaucho with Dior Authenticity Card that has gold writing - fake!

all style's of Dior handbags come with three authenticity items:
(1) "Authenticity Certificate Card" envelope
(1) "Maintenance Guide": three sections in languages French, English and Chinese
(1) "Authenticity Certificate Card": grey colored plastic, backside in languages French, English and Chinese
Authenticity Certificate Card front has either black or gold lettering and should have no peeling letters
Authenticity Certificate Card back is watermarked in fine print with "CHRISTIAN DIOR" continuously
Note: most Dior sale's associates do not complete the back of the Authenticity Certificate Cards
please be careful, some fake Dior items come with fake Dior tag and fake authenticity items
AUTHENTICITY TIP: Misspelled words within the Christian Dior Maintenance Guide - fake!

Dior price tag is never attached with a black string, only white
the price tag will never have printing or price stickers upon the back
the grey colored plastic "Authenticity Certificate Card" never comes within plastic
only regular Dior saddle handbags have an inner "CD" zipper pull
dust bag lettering is always in grey; never black, red and so on
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