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Chocolate- True or Fake

This info was wrote by fionaflyby which i found very usefull

My background: I've been an eBay member for 9 years and also worked for Coach. I am no longer affiliated with Coach and do not represent myself as a Coach "expert", nor do I attempt to authenticate items for eBay members. This guide is a resource for buyers and sellers to determine for themselves if a Coach item is truly authentic.

12 Warning signs of fakes

#1 Plastic wrapping over the purse straps, or any part of the bag, wallet or accessory Occasionally, zipper pulls and other Coach hardware might be wrapped with plain packing paper or sponge wrap, but never plastic wrap

#2 Any tackiness found on the leather from glue residue Imposters often glue their leather seams and trim pieces before stitching them

#3 Hardware that appears to be polished nickel, but has the weight of plastic Tap the hardware. You can tell the difference between actual metal and metallic plastic by the density

#4 Scarves that are 100% polyester Coach scarves are primarily cotton, silk, wool or blends that also include rayon, cashmere, angora, metallic threads or nylon

#5 Enamel hangtags that have raised lettering on the logo Authentic enamel hangtags have a smooth enamel surface, no raised letters

#6 Signature style handbags that also have signature C pattern linings Coach bags with signature patterns on the outside should have a solid interior lining or a Coach lozenge logo lining, not a C pattern lining. The exception is a couple styles of the signature "wave" pattern that also have a signature C lining. Note: Vintage Coach bags had no linings. Also, the satiny Signature C pattern shown in the 2nd photo above is fake, regardless of the outer material

#7 Coach embossed creed with just a style number - no registration number A Coach creed provides info regarding origin and details of the handcrafting. If a creed has a style number, it should also have a registration number and vice versa. Smaller Coach pouches, cosmetic cases, wristlets and accessories don't generally have a creed and for the few pouch styles that do, the creed does not contain a style or registration

#8 Wording on the Coach creed that is jumbled or misspelled Each line of an authentic creed has evenly spaced words that contain no spelling errors

#9 Coach keyfobs that are sold in boxes with a barcode and style name Authentic Coach fobs aren't sold in custom branded boxes with UPC numbers and style names. Authentic fobs are paired with generic Coach boxes

#10 Sellers offering multiple quantities within the same listing, or posting the same style Coach item over multiple listings These sellers should cause you to scrutinize their past sales. Ask more questions to verify authenticity

#11 Auction listings that include a handbag with matching accessory, particularly if the seller has several auctions with matching sets Some counterfeit suppliers promote free matching accessories with the purchase of their Coach bags (ie. totes & satchels are paired with wristlets or wallets). Imitation sets are plentiful at eBay

#12 Embossed hangtag or hardware with a crooked or partially stamped Coach logo Authentic Coach embossed logos are precisely aligned
Items that were never inspired by Coach

Many products being represented as Coach brand were never designed or inspired by Coach. Some examples are Hello Kitty and Winnie the Pooh keychains, plus fobs with elves or robots that are designed in Asia. Coach has created fobs with animals (pigs, monkeys, etc), but has not collaborated with Sanrio, Disney or Mattel to produce keyfobs. On a further note, handmade jewelry with claims of having authentic Coach charms are not authentic, nor are sliding Italian bracelet charms

Some Coach styles are replicated more than others, such as the Carly, Legacy and Bleecker styles, however every Coach style has been counterfeited. Some styles being touted as "very rare" are just very fake! View the first photo above. Patchwork handbags are replicated with bad color combos and patterns, unlike the original patterns. Beware of limited edition styles unless you are very familiar with the style.

Quality of the hardware

Coach hardware is primarily composed of nickel, brass or gunmental. Only a Coach lozenge logo should be stamped on buckles, pinch clips and charms. You'll find the embossed logo on the hardware of wallets, belts, key fobs, some glove styles and newer handbags, with the exception of the Legacy line which takes its inspiration from older classic styles. The buckles and pinch clips of early classic Coach handbags and belts were not embossed with COACH

The snaps on most styles are stamped COACH on the undersides. Magnetic snaps are stamped COMAG or ROMAG with a Pat Pend No. Also, some grommets are stamped COACH. Check Coach zipper mechanisms for the letters YKK inscribed. This high quality zipper is used in Coach products. However, in 2006, fake YKK zippers began flooding the market with inferior metal stamped with YKK, so be aware that fakes may have YKK zippers. Hardware should never be stamped "Solid Brass" or "Stainless Steel" Study authentic handbags or navigate the Coach website to become familiar with authentic hardware. For example, the sliding latch button of fake leash clips may be tiny compared to the prominent latch of an authentic clip

Quality of the material

Coach selects only the top ten percent of leathers and treats its fabrics, leathers and suedes for stain and water resistance. Coach Fabric Cleaner (or Ivory Liquid Soap) will often remove smudges, grime or the occasional oily spot on the jacquard fabric. Coach suede kits are helpful in removing fresh soil. Without the treated fabrics and leathers, removing soil is much more difficult and fake bags are often heavily soiled or tend to rip easily - another reason authentic Coach stands apart from knockoffs. If the fabric feels very stiff, or conversely, if it appears less durable and tends to slouch rather than hold its shape, these may be indicators of a counterfeit bag. Also watch for fake suede that is comprised of fabric with a sueded effect, yet no actual suede!

Alignment of the Signature pattern

Most Coach signature patterns are aligned in a precise manner to ensure that the opposing Signature C's will align dead center of the handbag and the remaining C's should continue symmetrically to the right and left edges of the handbag. It is expensive to get meticulous craftsmen to sew the pattern this way and discard the excess fabric that can't be utilized. It may be too costly a venture for some cheaper knockoffs and their patterns are misaligned. Today's technology produces replicas that are more precise and not easily detected without several closeup photos. Carefully examine other details noted in this guide to find areas that were overlooked by knockoffs. Note: Coach signature patterns are aligned horizontally, never vertically. Two authentic Coach styles (8K47, 8K48) have a diagonal alignment of the C's
The "mini signature" pattern is aligned so that edges of the pattern look identical from left to right side of your bag and along the seams. The Optic C pattern is tricky because it is lined up identical from front to back - not from left to right. The same set of C's are a mirror image on the front and back of the bag. Double flap pockets might not mirror each other. Also, seams should align vertically and horizontally, but seams stitched diagonally do not align. Authentic Coach coin cases, mini skinny wallets, eyewear cases and some shoe styles do not follow the same rules and will not be aligned.

The stitching and workmanship

The most common place for error is in the stitching. Stitching should be dead on straight! The stitching of authentic Coach is sewn with careful calibration, no sloppy overstitching, no inconsistency in the spacing between stitches, and no areas that are even slightly crooked. Imitations never get all the sewing perfect, especially if it is double stitched. You might detect wider spacing in some areas. Fabrics and leathers should be cut evenly. Examine an item completely and check areas where seams are sewn down. Request more photos to view stitching up close

Receipts and attached price tags

I once bought a fake Coach bag because I saw an attached UPC tag and assumed it was authentic. Imposters replicate the UPC tags, paperwork, logos, MSRPs and other details that look authentic. Just because a price tag is attached, do not assume it is authentic. This also applies to listings that provide the registration card, care card, dustbag, gift box and receipts. I try to provide these in my auctions when available, but tags are not proof that an item is authentic. Ironically, many sellers promote items that are NWT (new with tags) but the tags, as well as receipts, are commonly replicated. To confirm authenticity, request a gift reeipt that has a transaction # that can be verified, or obtain the original receipt. Both types of receipts are watermarked on the back with info printed both horizontally and vertically

Hangtags come in all shapes and sizes

Coach produces hangtags in a variety of materials including leathers, suede, patent, metals and enamel. The majority of embossed leather tags are raised (puffy), but some are flat with no stitching. Enamel tags are the easiest to authenticate because they are baked to a smooth finish, unlike replicas that have raised lettering on the enamel. Two identical Coach styles may have different hangtags because tags produced in different seasons will vary, or it could be a replacement tag issued by Coach or a tag transfered from another bag. Thus, fake bags can have authentic hangtags and authentic bags can have fake hangtags

Interpreting styles and registration numbers

You can look up Coach style #'s from an online database known as the drilldown page. The website is maintained by Coach and offers photos of most retail styles, including limited editions. To get the link, scroll down My World page and search under "Business Information" Coach employees can also lookup a style # from store computers and provide a brief description. Employees are trained to detect authentic Coach, but if a store mgr. cannot confirm the authenticity of an item valued over $125, you may be directed to complete some forms and ship it directly to Coach's Counterfeit dept in NY to receive a certificate of authentication
Registration numbers found on Coach creeds, usually contain 3-4 characters (number/letter combo) followed by the style number that is 3-6 characters long. Example: registration number F06S 8A16 is assigned to a large suede hobo bag that was made for the factory stores. The first group of numbers contains the year that the item was made. The "06" in F06S represents the year 2006. The second group of numbers is the style number, 8A16. The attached factory store tag is stamped style FS8A16. Style numbers that are prefaced with "FS" are factory styles

The origin of the item

The origin is based upon where the item is assembled, not where the materials originated. Thus, if Italian leathers are utilized and the item is assembled in Italy, a creed will be stamped as handcrafted in Italy. If the same Italian leathers are sent to China to be assembled, the handbag will now be stamped as Handcrafted in China. As of 2008, Coach manufactures in the countries of China, United States, India, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Korea, Mauritius, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan & Turkey. Although China is the largest source for authentic Coach handbags, China also accounts for a large portion of counterfeits. Note: Thailand is another country flooding the market with knockoffs. Yet, unlike China, Thailand does not produce any authentic Coach items

Coach Factory Store merchandise

Contrary to what some people claim, Coach Factory Store merchandise is not inferior quality compared to full priced Coach merchandise. Factory store merchandise is priced lower than Coach retail stores and is designed to attract shoppers that are looking for a bargain on Coach quality products. Most factory store merchandise was specifically created for the factory stores by reintroducing the prior year's retail version of styles with a subtle revision such as modified stitching patterns, a different hangtag or a larger embossed logo. Another source for factory merchandise is derived from the "end of season" inventory pulled from full priced Coach stores and redistributed to Coach Factory Stores

Factory items that are received from full priced stores are branded in a variety of ways depending on whether its a handbag, accessory, or article of clothing. One method is to stamp or "brand" the items with a bullseye (a circle enclosed inside another circle). This symbol is embossed into the Coach leather creed, an inner flap of a wallet, or underside of a belt. Clothing is branded before being placed in the factory stores and that branding may include a snipped care label. Factory merchandise can only be returned to Coach factory stores and the branding is one way to prevent its return to a full priced store Regardless of where you purchase your authentic Coach item, a full priced Coach store, a factory outlet store or authorized department store, the Coach quality is guaranteed

Coach repairs

Whether or not you register your Coach item, you have a 7 year period considered the Natural Life of the Product. During that time, Coach will work to ensure your satisfaction by offering repair or replacement services. This is an important reason for buying authentic Coach. If the Coach item needs repair, you pay a fee of just $20 to cover handling and shipping to their facility in Jacksonville, FL where the product is serviced. Many issues can be resolved such as stitching that comes loose or a broken turnlock. This service is offered for merchandise originating from Coach retail stores, factory stores & authorized department stores. A creed stamped with an X originated from a discount store such as TJ Maxx or Marshalls and might not be accepted for repairs

Many reviewers state that there's no such thing as Coach "seconds" and that is not 100% accurate. I am going on record to say that Coach does sell "Final Sale" items that have become defective or are missing parts after they reach the store shelves, as well as products with minor blemishes that slipped past quality control. I bought a few Final Sale items from Coach stores, such as a checkbook wallet without a checkbook holder and a handbag with a slight blemish on the tanned leather. The items are usually stamped with "FS" on the creed and Coach employees inform you at the time of purchase if it is a final sale. Items become a final sale because missing parts can't be replaced or the required repairs are not covered by the Coach "warranty". A discount is applied to the final sale price, making it cost prohibitive to honor any future claims for repairs. Bottom line: If it is authentic Coach and not stamped with an X or FS, count back 7 years from the year it was produced and that is the period that repairs are covered

Regarding the eBay seller

How long have they been selling? This can be checked under the "Feedback left as a Seller". I scrutinize all sellers, but am more cautious with less experienced sellers with zero or low feedback for selling. They may not be threatened if you post negative feedback because they have nothing to lose. Then again, don't assume 100% feedback equates to an honest seller. The majority of photos posted at the top of this guide were derived from sellers with 100% feedback. Feedback should be considered on a case-by-case basis. You can enter an eBay ID at www. and get the entire history of negative & neutral feedback. After entering the ID, wait a minute for the results to populate. Use your best judgment to determine whether negative feedback was justified. Try eBay's advanced search of a seller's Completed Listings to see what Coach items were sold in the past 60 days and look for fakes.
Be wary of sellers that keep their auctions private, claiming to protect the bidders' identity. Bidders' IDs are protected by eBay during active auctions and only the winning bidders ID will be visible after the auction ends. When checking completed sales from sellers with private auctions, the links to the completed auctions are not accessible to you and that enables the sellers to hide their past activity and any prior counterfeit sales. Finally, use caution with unsuspecting sellers that do not realize that they've purchased knockoffs from other eBay members and resell them along with their authentic items. This accounted for my purchase of 3 fake Coach items at eBay. I assumed that something was authentic because the seller had ten other authentic items for sale. As an eBay seller, I guarantee authenticity of all of my items (
Items by Fionaflyby)

Trusted sources for authentic Coach

An authentic Coach item for sale on eBay should have originated from an authorized distributor or someone else that purchased from an authorized distributor. With the exception of some select vendors that acquire wholesale lots of store returns, clearance or damaged goods from stores like Marshalls or TJ Maxx. Legitimate wholesale lots are commonly the less popular styles that become overstock and past season inventory that is sold to discount retailers. This inventory might show signs of wear and from being stored on shelves and inside bins or due to mishandling by customers

Authorized distributors of Coach products are: Coach retail and resort stores, Coach Factory Stores and authorized department stores such as Macy's and Nordstrom. Some duty free shops and authorized boutiques are additional sources and and Coach catalogs are direct sources. The quality is no different from any of these authorized distributors.

Your purchase from an unauthorized distributor

The only legitimate wholesale inventory of new undamaged current Coach styles is supplied to authorized distributors. If an eBay member with wholesale quantities of new Coach products claims that their supplier is an authorized distributor, yet the supplier isn't an authorized distributor mentioned above or they won't divulge their supplier, be wary. Hair and nail salons are not authorized Coach distributors, nor are people hosting purse parties, curbside vendors or the guy shipping Coach products from a supplier overseas. That merchandise is not authentic and the sales activity should be reported because it's illegal. When you see terms like "replica" or "designer inspired", it equates to counterfeit. I refrain from naming the notorious websites selling replicas because I do not want to encourage more purchases of these imitations that will find their way to eBay

If a seller claims that all their items originated from a factory store, consider the fact that the factory stores limit customer purchases to a quantity of 3 for any given style. If someone has more than 3 of a particular style, would have required multiple visits to the outlet and makes it less likely that they were able to purchase a dozen or more of a particular style. Though it is not commonly known, Coach also implemented a policy to thwart resale activity of their factory merchandise by putting a cap on the total expenditures that customers may make at Coach factory stores (outlets). The accumulative dollar amount is tracked via credit card transactions and other means. Once the dollar limit is reached, a letter is sent to the customer informing them that no member of their family is permitted to make purchases at Coach stores. If most purchases are made by credit card, it won't take long for resellers to reach the cap, forcing them to make purchases via friends or seek alternative sources for purchases, such as the discount department stores. It is time consuming for legitimate sellers to build large inventories in this manner. Consequently, I scrutinize the sellers with consistently large inventories of factory merchandise by carefully studying their past sales and feedback for warning signs


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