Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chocolate-The Curios Case of Benjamin Button

Okey i watch the movie yesterday with my collegue. this movie was so long until I feel a little bit boring. Huarghh but still Brad look handsome and stunning. Hmm been wondering why he doesn't want me. i will become his slave if he want me then. the movie oklah but not so very good. 3 star kot.So below is a little bit preview of the movie. I will upload later about the cosmetics sales i went yesterday too.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a 2009 American drama film, inspired by the 1921 short story of the same name written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The film was directed by David Fincher, written by Eric Roth and Robin Swicord, and stars Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett. The film was premièred on December 25th, 2008 and was released in the USA on January 30th, 2009 and in the UK on February 6th, 2009. The film received 13 Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture, Best Director for Fincher, Best Actor for Pitt[3] and Best Supporting Actress for Taraji P. Henson.

The elderly Daisy (Cate Blanchett) is on her deathbed with her daughter Caroline (Julia Ormond) in a New Orleans hospital as Hurricane Katrina approaches in August 2005. Daisy tells the story of a blind clockmaker named Gateau (Elias Koteas), who was commissioned to create a clock to hang in the New Orleans train station. After receiving news of his son's death in World War I, he continued work on his clock, but intentionally designed it to run backward, in the hope that it would bring back those who died in the war. After her cryptic story, Daisy asks Caroline to read aloud from a diary containing photographs and postcards written by Benjamin Button (Brad Pitt). Caroline begins to read as the story transitions to Benjamin's narration.

On November 11, 1918, just as the people of New Orleans are celebrating the end of World War I, a baby boy is born with the appearance and physical maladies of an elderly man. The mother of the baby dies shortly after giving birth, and the father, Thomas Button, takes the baby and abandons him on the porch of a nursing home. Queenie (Taraji P. Henson) and Tizzy (Mahershalalhashbaz Ali), a couple who work at the nursing home, find the baby. Queenie, who is unable to conceive, decides to take the baby in as her own, against Tizzy's wishes. She names the baby Benjamin.

Over the course of the story, Benjamin begins to biologically grow younger. In 1930, while still appearing to be in his seventies, he meets a young girl named Daisy (Elle Fanning), whose grandmother lives in the nursing home. The children play together and listen to Daisy's grandmother read from a storybook.

A few years later, Benjamin goes to work on a tugboat on the docks of New Orleans for Captain Mike (Jared Harris). In their free time, the captain takes him to brothels and bars. For the first time, Benjamin meets Thomas Button, who does not reveal that he is Benjamin's father. Later, Benjamin leaves New Orleans with the tugboat crew for a long-term work engagement; Daisy asks him to send her postcards from his travels, which Benjamin does.

During a stay in Russia, Benjamin meets a British woman named Elizabeth Abbott (Tilda Swinton) and falls in love with her; Daisy is visibly hurt to receive this news via postcard. Elizabeth is already married, but she has an affair with Benjamin. The fling ends the day after the Pearl Harbor attack, when Elizabeth abruptly departs.

Benjamin gets caught up in World War II when Captain Mike's boat and crew are enlisted by the United States Navy. After engaging a German U-boat in battle, Captain Mike and most of the sailors perish. After this, Benjamin, after seeing a hummingbird, sees death in a different way, as opposed to the retirement home where death seemed more natural.

In 1945, Benjamin returns to New Orleans, and learns that Daisy has become a successful dancer in New York City. When he travels there to meet Daisy at a performance, he finds Daisy has fallen in love with a fellow dancer, and tries to accept that their lives have separated.

Benjamin again meets Thomas Button, who is dying. Thomas reveals to Benjamin that he is his father and bequeaths all of his assets to Benjamin, including the house and the family button-making business. Benjamin eventually makes peace with his father before the elder Button dies.

Daisy's dance career is ended by a car accident in Paris. When Benjamin goes to see her, Daisy is amazed at his youthful appearance, but frustrated at her own injuries, turns him away.

In 1962, Daisy returns to New Orleans and meets Benjamin again. Now the same physical age, they fall in love and move in together. They experience the 1960s together, in large part blissfully but increasingly aware of Benjamin growing younger while Daisy grows older.

After Daisy gives birth to a girl, Caroline, Benjamin, believing he cannot be a father to his daughter due to his reverse aging, and not wanting to burden Daisy with having to raise two children, sells his belongings, and leaves them to Daisy and Caroline before leaving them both to travel the world.

Reading this account in the hospital room of 2005, Caroline learns that Benjamin is her father. She is upset that Daisy took such a long time to inform her of this, but finds that Benjamin sent her a postcard from everywhere for each of her birthdays expressing his love for his daughter.

In 1980, Benjamin, now looking like a young man, returns to meet Daisy in her dance studio. The aging Daisy is now married to Robert Williams, a kind man who supports her well, to Benjamin's relief. Daisy introduces Benjamin to Robert and the 12-year-old Caroline as a long-time family friend. Daisy and Benjamin then meet privately in Benjamin's hotel where they share their passion for each other, but they mutually realize that Daisy has become too old for Benjamin.

Benjamin departs again and continues to grow younger. One day Daisy receives a phone call from social workers. They inform her that they found Benjamin - now a young pre-teen just hitting puberty - living in a condemned building, and that they called her because they saw her name all over his diary. The social workers believe that he has dementia as he sometimes forgets that he had just eaten and cannot remember Daisy or much of his past. Daisy moves into the nursing home where Benjamin grew up and takes care of him as he becomes a confused 5-year-old boy with a growing temper.

In 2002, Mr. Gateau's old clock is removed from the train station. Shortly afterward, in the spring of 2003, the now-physically infant, 85-year-old Benjamin dies in Daisy's arms. At the moment before Benjamin dies, Daisy claims to have seen in his eyes that he still remembered her.

In the 2005 hospital room, the hurricane raging outside downs the electrical system. As Caroline briefly leaves the room, Daisy passes away, her wish of seeing Benjamin again seemingly answered by a hummingbird hovering outside the storm-drenched windows. Against the sounds of the city's emergency sirens and reports of breached levees, the backwards clock is shown in a basement, still working, as floodwaters envelope the storage room where it is kept.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Chocolate-Shopping Session

I am going for this sales tomorrow nite since I have my check up in the morning. Can't wait. Hehe

Chocolate-My Dream Bag

Cole Haan "Genevieve" Small Woven Triangle Tote Chocolate Weave Saddle Weave Cole Haan "Genevieve" Small Woven Triangle Tote $395.00 Dream weaver: intricately woven from rich leather, the triangle tote by Cole Haan. details Woven leather with antiqued brass hardware Double handles in woven leather with 8-1/2 inch drop and adjustable tabs No closure; interior side straps hook at center to support bag and maintain its shape Interior zip pocket, tab-closure pocket for PDA or mp3 player, plus cell phone pocket

Chocolate-My Dream Bag


I'm a sucker pink handbag,especially this from Marc Jacobs bags. Especially big, roomy, leather Marc Jacobs bags that are simply shaped and merlot red. The Multi-Pocket Tote has adjustable side buckles that change the size of the bag from smaller to larger, depending on your mood or preference. Also included are dual shoulder straps, front zip pockets and a cotton, canvas lining. The Italy-made Multi-Pocket Tote by Marc Jacobs is $328.hua braper la price kat cn agaknyer.

Chocolate-My Dream Bag

Oh my! This handbag was so cute and very pretty. I cannot believe this handbag is over $4,000! Must be around RM16K. The Versace Venita Bow Satchel is a new piece from the spring 2009 line. Wide swaths of gorgeous pink leather topped with some trapunto stitching definitely work well together. Now add a logo-topped bow and double handles and the entire bag comes together. I like the overall soft, whimsical and feminine look of this handbag. This is definitely a handbag that you don’t see often. This is very rare and of course very expensive. But hey if I have the money I would definitely buy it. Even if I only can touch it with my hands, oooooh I must have been dreaming,

Friday, February 13, 2009

Chocolate-Authentic Second Hand Designer Handbag

Sory guys, today tak braper sehat. just found an authenticated second hand bag shop that sell on-line. Ader Lv yg I nak, but it has been sold. huhu
 I will add more later ok

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Chocolate-Best Ice Cream in Town

I am really a big fan of chocolate. Even when choosing wide variety of ice-cream i will choose chocolate. I wonder why I never bored with chocolate.There are a few of ice cream i have been tasted before which tak penah I rase tak sedap. All was yummy. Let's look ice cream I have tested before.

1. Haagen Dazs
Häagen-Dazs® chocolate chocolate chip ice cream is the perfect combination of pure, sweet cream, decadent Dutch cocoa and rich chocolate chips. an ice cream experience for those who appreciate the true essence of chocolate.Ha this one is my favourite all time. rase die tak pahit sgt tak manis sgt. I think I ader rasepenah rase Chocolate belgium, but not found dkt website die.Maybe it is limited edition flavour kot.
Yang ni I dah rase Chocolate Mousse Royale which is a light chocolate ice cream with chocolate royale flavor bursts and a mousse-like texture
, Chocolate the extra rich chocolate ice cream and Maui Brownie Madness which taste like Chocolate Frozen ice yogurt with chunks of brownie and macadamia nuts, ribboned with chocolate fudge.Okay jugak tapi nak kater terlalu sedap tu tak la for me. okayla.

3. Lecka Lecka
This one is my favourite. Always have it at Mid while I am studying. But now dah tak der.
4. Gelatissimo
I bought it at the garden. Love this ice cream to. Gelatissimo's is an award winning gelato which is made fresh daily in store to an authentic family recipe. It is manufactured to the highest standards using the best natural ingredients and freshest produce, it is Australia's most popular gelato.the last time I think I try American Chocolate, ferrero Rocher and Chocolate Hazelnut. Really nice gellato to be honest.

5. ben's and jerry's
Very tasty. I found it at Pavillion market. This ice-cream kene rebut ngan hubby. I gave this ice-cream two thumbs up. But a bit sweet okey. We have We can't divulge the secret source of this flavor's greatness. All we can say is that, of the majorly cool ingredients involved, the key player behind it's gobby awesomeness just happens to be the mother of all nougats. Take it from those who've tried it once...and again...and again, each time finding new respect...and indisputable nougattiness. Anyway, we don't know why you'd try denying it: a flavor like this is too delicious to diss. Flavor formerly known as "The Gobfather."

6. New Zealand Natural
This one I taste at KLCC and Mid Valley. I have Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Chocolate Ecstasy. Well really this ice cream is good to. sory can't find the ice cream real picture.
But still I think you all use to the taste of wall's and nestle ice cream. Ape2 pun sume coklat ice cream. So to the chocolate lover's why wait, try all the ice cream above. Trust me you can't get enough of it.

Dreaming to taste :

Ape2 pun tak lawan ice-cream asam boy yang nenek buat. Hehehe

Chocolate-Coach 12683

Another bags that I am crazy for. I have listed as item to be watch on my ebay. Huaaaa nak bag ni. But just have both of the coach last month. camne ni? Adakah aku demam bag.
Doesn't this bag look beautiful?
Anyone who interested to the coach bag that I already owned and wanted to buy plz tell me so i can buy this bag. If not melepasla aku.

Chocolate-Internet Hunting for Handbag

According to google dictionary bag is a container used for carrying money and small personal items or accessories (especially by women); "she reached into her bag and found a comb". But to a woman or fashioner bag is something you must have and never enough have. Here is a few link that you can buy bags online in Malaysia:

i'm going to update more of malaysia blog that sell bags online.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chocolate-Sifu Tongga

Last week kito org went to see the movie. My husband is Nabil fan actually.So layan la kan. Hmm i pun booking through the internet. Last resort we decided to see at Tgv KLCC. So the stories went on.lupe lak nak simpan ticket as proof. Jangan mare peminat citer ni yek.

Hmm to be honest citer tu a bit dull and tak masuk akal. I am not expected it as good as Forrest Gump or any comedy fil from Hollywood, but still the story was blurr and lawak nyer pun really a bit lame. You can watch some of Thailand and Indonesion movie which have almost same technology as we have but can produce a very great movie. Ongbak as an example. I think maybe they dont have enough time research for the movie. For an example when Fauziah Ghaos(ntah betul ke tak eje ni) was put in the carriage and then been broadcast in the television, I don't think it's should be like that. besides the jokes were not funny for me. Okaylah for nabil because it is his first time. But i think nabil perform better during the Raja Lawak Contest.

Chocolate-Choose Whether Love it or Hate it

Now you choose to love or hate it.

Chocolate-The Cherry Blossom Girl

A very nice picture

Just fall in love with this lady blog about fashion.
Her web is
I think this is her acting as and adam's family.

It's look like the shoes from The Wizard of Oz Story.
Feling a little white and pinkish.

The bag's and shoes look awesome.

All of this outfit's below were inspired by the Sleeping Beauty story.

Robe Narciso Rodriguez, chaussures Emanuel Ungaro.

Robe Oscar de la Renta, chaussures miu mius, bracelet et ceinture Roberto Cavalli, pochette Chloé, boucles d’oreilles Alex Monroe.

Robe stella McCartney, chaussures Givenchy, bracelet Kenneth Jay Lane.

Robe Donna Karan, chaussures Prada, pochette Celestina, tiare White aisle.

This below picture made me hungry for this kind of shoes and bags.